Luke E. Hart Series

Name Details CIS #
Luke E. Hart Series (one of each booklet in the series) *
Faith CIS101 Details CIS101 *
God CIS102 Details CIS102 *
Creation CIS103 Details CIS103 *
The Human Person CIS104 Details CIS104 *
Jesus Christ CIS105 Details CIS105 *
The Holy Spirit CIS106 Details CIS106 *
The Holy Catholic Church CIS107 Details CIS107 *
The Forgiveness of Sins CIS108 Details CIS108 *
The Resurrection of the Body CIS109 Details CIS109 *
The Life Everlasting CIS110 Details CIS110 *
Introduction to Catholic Liturgy CIS111 Details CIS111 *
Introduction to the Sacraments CIS112 Details CIS112 *
Baptism and Confirmation CIS113 Details CIS113 *
The Eucharist CIS114 Details CIS114 *
Penance CIS115 Details CIS115 *
Matrimony CIS116 Details CIS116 *
Holy Orders and the Anointing of the Sick CIS117 Details CIS117 *
Prayer CIS118 Details CIS118 *
The Lord's Prayer CIS119 Details CIS119 *
Mary CIS120 Details CIS120 *
The Essence of Catholic Morality CIS121 Details CIS121 *
Human Nature as the Basis for Morality CIS122 Details CIS122 *
Some Fundamental Principles of Catholic Morality CIS123 Details CIS123 *
Virtues and Vices CIS124 Details CIS124 *
The First Three Commandments: Duties to God CIS125 Details CIS125 *
The Fourth Commandment: Family and Social Morality CIS126 Details CIS126 *
The Fifth Commandment: Moral Issues of Life and Death CIS127 Details CIS127 *
The Sixth and Ninth Commandments: Sexual Morality CIS128 Details CIS128 *
The Seventh and Tenth Commandments: Economic and Political Morality CIS129 Details CIS129 *
The Eighth Commandment: Truth CIS130 Details CIS130 *

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