New Evangelization Series

Name Details CIS #
New Evangelization Series (one of each booklet in the series) *
What Is the New Evangelization? CIS401 Details CIS401 *
“I Believe in You”: The Question of God in the Modern World CIS402 Details CIS402 *
The Mysteries of the Life of Jesus CIS403 Details CIS403 *
A God Who Is Threefold Love CIS404 Details CIS404 *
We Have Come to Adore Him: An Introduction to Prayer at the School of Benedict XVI CIS405 Details CIS405 *
Called to Love: John Paul II's Theology of Human Love CIS406 Details CIS406 *
In the Image of Love: Marriage, the Family and the New Evangelization CIS407 Details CIS407 *
Following Love Poor, Chaste and Obedient: The Consecrated Life CIS408 Details CIS408 *
Light and Silence: A Eucharistic Diary CIS412 Details CIS412 *
The Beauty of Holiness: Sacred Art and the New Evangelization CIS418 Details CIS418 *
Technology and the New Evangelization: Criteria for Discernment CIS419 Details CIS419 *

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