4th Degree Official Dress Uniform

New 4th Degree Official Dress Uniform

 Answers to frequently asked questions about the new Fourth Degree uniform.

Any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Supreme Masters office by telephone: 203-752-4437 or email: suprememaster@kofc.org


The official dress uniform (Official Navy Blue Blazer, Official Fourth Degree Gray trousers, Official Fourth Degree Necktie, and Official Fourth Degree Black Beret with Fourth Degree metal badge) is purchased as a set.  Individual items are not for sale at this time.

The garments of the official dress are tailored in Italy.  The fabric used for both blazers and pants is woven in Italy specifically for the Knights of Columbus from a high quality super 130 wool.    The blazer buttons are made in Italy. The KofC blazer patches are completely hand embroidered.  The tie is Italian silk, but made in the USA.

Once you receive the uniform, please take it to your tailor for professional finishing.  Trousers come with an unfinished hem. 


The official dress for the Fourth Degree shall be:

Navy Blue Blazer festooned with Fourth Degree Emblem Blazer Crest Knights of Columbus Emblem of the Order buttons

Official Fourth Degree Gray trousers

Official Fourth Degree Necktie

Official Fourth Degree Black Beret with Fourth Degree metal badge worn over the left eye.  Rank patches will be handled by the Supreme Master Office.


NOT INCLUDED:  Plain White Dress Shirt – Button cuff (no French cuffs – no button down collar shirts)  

NOT INCLUDED:  Black Socks and Plain Black Shoes, Official Fourth Degree Lapel Pin (#PG-113), Incumbent Medal of Office, Past and Former Miniature Medals above left pocket.  Sword, baldrick, gloves.


The new uniform is to be worn as you would a business suit.

The beret is worn with the fourth degree pin placed directly over the left eye. The right side of the beret folds down toward and over the right ear.


*Special Order - Special order sizes require 4 - 6 weeks to produce.

Inventory expected to arrive at the beginning of September.


Size Guidelines:

If you are 5'5'' -- 5'8", you would order a Short jacket and trousers.  Trousers come unfinished. 

If you are 5'9" -- 6', you would order a Regular jacket and trousers.  Trousers come unfinished.

If you are 6'1" -- 6'4", you would order a Tall jacket and trousers.  Trousers come unfinished.

If you are 6'5" -- 6'8",  you would order an Extra Tall (XT) jacket and trousers.  Trousers come unfinished.



Beret Size Chart
Size Detail
Small 21 1/8 - 21 1/2 inches
Medium 21 7/8- 22 1/4 inches
Large 22 5/8 - 23 inches

23 1/2 - 23 7/8 inches

2X-Large 24 3/8 - 24 7/8 inches
3X-Large  25 1/8 - 26 1/2 inches
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