Veritas Series

Name Details CIS #
Veritas Series (one of each booklet in the series) *
The Ten Commandments CIS300 Details CIS300 *
Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage CIS301 Details CIS301 *
Catholics and Capital Punishment CIS302 Details CIS302 *
All About Angels CIS303 Details CIS303 *
Is There a God? CIS306 Details CIS306 *
First Steps on the Little Way of St. Therese of Lisieux CIS307 Details CIS307 *
A Pastoral Letter on Cohabitation CIS308 Details CIS308 *
Dating: A Practical Catholic Guide CIS311 Details CIS311 *
About the Bible CIS313 Details CIS313 *
Catholic Sexual Ethics CIS314 Details CIS314 *
What Catholics Should Know About Islam CIS317 Details CIS317 *
The Holy Eucharist CIS320 Details CIS320 *
Some Lessons From Genesis CIS321 Details CIS321 *
Coping With A Suicide CIS325 Details CIS325 *
Understanding Stem Cell Research Controversy and Promise CIS326 Details CIS326 *
The Child: Begotten Not Manmade CIS330 Details CIS330 *
Facing Relativism and the Challenge of Truth CIS331 Details CIS331 *
Risk of Faith CIS332 Details CIS332 *
Men and Abortion: Finding Healing, Restoring Hope CIS334 Details CIS334 *
The Early Church CIS335 Details CIS335 *
The Eucharist: Sacrament and Sacrifice CIS336 Details CIS336 *
Do No Harm - A Guide to Morally Sound End-of-Life Care CIS338 Details CIS338 *
Freedom to Flourish: A Catholic Analysis of Doctor-Assised Suicide and Euthanasia CIS339 Details CIS339 *
The Message of Our Lady of Fatima CIS341 Details CIS341 *
The Eastern Christians and Their Churches CIS342 Details CIS342 *
Revelation: A Divine Message of Hope CIS351 Details CIS351 *
Christ: Lord and Savior CIS358 Details CIS358 *
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit according to St. Thomas Aquinas CIS360 Details CIS360 *
The Way of the Cross CIS363 Details CIS363 *
Armed with the Faith: A Catholic Handbook for Military Personnel CIS364 Details CIS364 *
Catholic Word Book CIS371 Details CIS371 *
The Woman Who Changed the Face of a Hemisphere CIS4752 Details CIS4752 *

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