Chalice and Scale Paten with Grapes/Wheat design, or Ciborium with Grapes/Wheat design

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Distinctive and attractive 24k gold plated chalice with paten or ciborium. 

The chalice (A) features a highly polished cup and base with contrasting polished and satin embossed Grapes/Wheat design around the cup and base.  It stands 8 5/8" tall with a cup measuring 3 7/8" in diameter.  The matching ciborium (B) has an overall height of 10 1/4" with a cup measuring 4 3/4" in diameter - it holds 200 1 3/8" hosts.

Select either Emblem of the Order or Fourth Degree Emblem.

Standard engraving is available for $25.  Engraving will read:  In Memory of (person's name: first, middle initial, last) plus either Council/Assembly name or dates.  The inscription is on the bottom plate of the chalice/ciborium.  Additional engraving available at additional cost of .50 per character, maximum 100 characters/spaces.

Chalice with paten or ciborium  - they are sold separately.

Allow 4 weeks for delivery.  Ground shipping is included.


If this item is returned, the manufacturer charges a 35% restocking fee.