Everyone Has a Vocation to Love - What's Yours? - DVD

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Everyone Has a Vocation to Love. What's Yours?

Single DVD with five vocations films. How are you personally called to live God’s love? What is the vocation he has created for your happiness? This award-winning documentary series explores the enduring witness of Catholic men and women responding to God’s call to love. This DVD includes a booklet containing discussion questions and lesson plans for each film.

-- The Vocation to the Laity - shows how charity, the first principle of the Order, serves as the basis for the lay vocation.

-- The Vocation to Marriage - Aimed at young couples and those contemplating marriage, this film can be shown as part of a marriage preparation program or for those who are already married.

-- The Vocation to the Priesthood - for men contemplating a call to the priesthood, this film studies the lives and thoughts of priests to inspire young men today.

-- The Vocation to Religious Life for Women - hear the heartfelt stories of women who have answered God’s call and learn what it means to serve the Lord as a religious sister.

-- The Vocation to Religious Life for Men - listen to the stories of men who are following God as religious brothers, offering their lives in service to the Church and Her people.

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